Everyone Has their Little Drug

Verse 1:

I'm going to get to feel something And I'm going to go to far

But it's just something that I feel about it And I'm going to get to stop from falling

Don't you know it's fashion now? 

And you could be so well set free

Because everyone has their little drug

Alcohol, ah, nicotine

And it's coffee too, your cup of tea

And you can see them smiling

Don't you know I see that I've gone to far That I've gone too far Too far

Verse 2:

I'm going to make it stronger now I'm going to be on fire

You Don't Really Know

Verse 1:

You don't really know What lies beneath the snow

And in a minute it could all be washed away

As you're standing here on the corner of today

Verse 2:

You can't really feel That all this could be real

Cos in a minute we could all be blasted away

Somewhere out there, they're making bombs today

Verse 3:

You can't really see Just what is going to be

All our future lives are held up in the sway

All the good times seem a long long way away

Verse 4:

Are You Right?


Change your mind Maybe you can Change your mind

And you can do it now Yes, you can do it now

Change your mind You can change your mind

You can do it now Yes, you can do it now

Verse 1:

Are you right? Are you immaculate? Do you think that God is real?

Are you still of the impression, man That life is but a steal?

We make love We make religion And we think it's pretty cool

Then we find out in the end That we are making all the rules

In this world In this world

Verse 2:

Manic Vision

Verse 1:

The vision in here It drives you out of your mind And you still go on and on

With the light shining down And it feels kind of warm Its the manic will to survive


It's a miracle you're alive It's a miracle you survived

With the light shining in your eyes And the manic will to survive


I can see that you don't mind because I don't need nobody

All the things that you can't find In this world I see them dying

And it doesn't matter to me anymore, anyway

Verse 2:

You're Not Listening

Verse 1:

I can see that you're not listening to me

I can see that you don't really care

All the things that you don't say to me

Make me feel that I'm not really here

And I see that it's so

I can see that you don't mind It's the future of our time

All the things that you won't find Will come back in good time

Because you will know That it's all the same to me

Yes, it's all the same to me

Verse 2:

I can hear you calling Father, Mother

I'm going to make the most of it