Who are we?

Bronwyn and Geoffrey met in Auckland in 2014 and after getting married in Las Vegas in 2015, have been making music together ever since. Bronwyn brings her lilting harmonies to the plucky melodies and rhythms generated by Geoffrey's guitar and voice. They want to bring their acoustic rhythm rock sound to places all over Australasia and any other continent that will have them.

Passing Phase

The name Passing Phase derives from the phases that we all pass through during development from birth, right through the life cycle until death.  It also reflects the rhythmic nature of human emotional experience, in that emotions are passing phases, never with us for very long at any given time.  We feel happy, it builds to an intensity, and then passes.  We feel sad, it builds to an intensity and then it too, passes.

We wish to bring to you a better understanding of emotion both through music and through understanding of emotional fitness.  Passing Phase endeavour to tour around Australasia bringing their music and emotional ideas and technology.

Please visit our website at Emotfit, for information on emotional fitness.