I have just discovered the perfect community that caters for people like me.  It is called Toptal.  

For the past eight years I have worked by remote as a Drupal web developer.  Initially it was quite easy getting work at Drupal Paid Services but as you can see if you visit that page, listings have dropped off considerably as people move elsewhere.  The good people at Drupal set up a jobs page in Drupal Groups, which is great for full time jobs and jobs for U.S. citizens but doesn't cater much for short term, part time or non-U.S.

There are a bunch of other applications out there like Upwork, previously known as oDesk, through which I once did a website, but I didn't contract the work off the site, the client merely used it as an escrow through which to manage the payments, and take snapshots of my work!  Most of those sites appeal to the lowest hourly rate, with some companies offering downwards of $15 an hour for Drupal services.  I have worked on at least one website that involved a complete remedial overhaul of such a contract gone wrong!  Some people say they can do anything: "Oh yes, yes, we can do that, and that too."  But when it comes to doing the actual work, clients experience periods of silence and when work is done, it is below standard and comes with profuse excuses.  I have therefore avoided the low value freelance websites like Freelancer and UpWork.

Since moving to Auckland I have done some work locally onsite but prefer the remote positions.  One reason is that Drupal opportunities in New Zealand are limited.  There is a lot more work in North America, and my hourly rate, while good for this country, is competitive in the US.  I have been working almost full time for a California based outfit since August 2015 and that has been a great experience.  The timezones are compatible and I like working with Americans.  After skating along for a few years using contacts I made during the happy times of Drupal Paid Services, I want to start putting myself out there again, and Toptal seems like a good place to make a start.

The best thing about Toptal is that they are the complete opposite of the other freelance applications just mentioned and they will screen me and my work to ensure that I am among the top developers in my field.  I already feel like I am in good company and that my effort in joining is worthwhile.

+1 for Toptal, the Web Freelancers Network