Full Synopsis

Consequences of the Fall Epidrama, consists of three song sequences and has a main character and a number of secondary characters.

Song Sequence: Questions Arising from the Fall

This starts with the main character exhibiting some immature and somewhat defective emotional states portrayed in the first three songs.  On the fourth song, Are you on the Station, the character attempts to form a relationship with a second character who appears on stage.  This leads to a somewhat successful love song in Listen, but quickly descends into possessiveness in I want to give you a home and the love bond is insufficient to overcome life's ups and downs as expressed in They're gonna' get you.  At this point the second character leaves and the main character sings the next three songs alone, descending into withdrawal and self-absorption.

Song Sequence: Consequences of the Fall

The main character goes through a number of negative emotion states, starting off dejected in You're not Listening, then delusional in Manic Vision, angry in Are you Right, and fearful in You don't really know.  After this gauntlet of heavy emotion, a second character appears who joins with the main character in a bout of substance abuse in Everyone has their little drug, a common panacea for emotional stress.  After a brief fling, the other character leaves and the main character grapples with an ardent desire to flee in Don't want to live here anymore.  This is following by intense self-negation which is sung by another voice as the main character dissociates in Run into the Night and then teeters on the edge in You won't feel a thing.  

After an interval the story resumes.  The main character is accompanied by a significant other who wants to help.  The main character comes out of the stupor during the course of the first three songs and then in You can't do what you can't do, is advised to take things in moderation.  The next song: If it Feels Right, provides inspiration for doing things, the right things, in the near future (tomorrow) and is followed by Dawnbreak which describes when this tomorrow arrives.  Dawnbreak is the resolution of the emotional progression described in the song sequence.

Song Sequence: International Vibes

Not released yet.