Consequences of the Fall consists of two song sequences and has a main character plus two or three other characters. In the first sequence, Questions Arising from the Fall, the main character exhibits some character defects which lead to an inability to form a relationship and withdrawal and defiance. The main sequence, Consequences of the Fall, follows on from that plunging the character into a full throttled rejection and anger, followed by uncertainty then drowning in a drug binge, which sets off a downward spiral towards self-elimination. The crisis of the sequence is the song You won't feel a thing. After the interval, the main character is helped by another character onto a path back to stability which leads to a resolution in the song Dawnbreak.

A more complete synopsis can be found here.


Questions Arising from the Fall Song List

1. I am Me

2. All Alone

3. Little Game

4. Are You on the Station?

5. Listen

6. I Want to Give You a Home

7. They're gonna get you

8. Country Town

9. Promise

10. Talking to the little Ones



Consequences of the Fall

1. You're not Listening

2. Manic Vision

3. Are You Right!?

4. You Don't Really Know

5. Everyone Has their Little Drug

6. Don't Want to Live Here Anymore

7. Run into the Night

8. You Won't Feel a Thing

- Interval -

9. Here I Am

10. It Get's You

11. Do You Want to See the Sun?

12. You Can't Do What You Can't Do

13. If it Feels RIght

14. Dawnbreak

15. Switch



International Vibes

1. Screaming in the Air

2. The Dream is Over

3. Public Statement No. 1

4. International Vibes