onchange and onclick triggers not calling external files in Internet Explorer

Onchange often does not work correctly in IE but onclick usually does so this problem did not appear to make sense.  Eventually after trial and error removal of all functions in the external file I found a function that was causing all functions in the file to fail.  The culprit was the following code:

  var data = (
    'order_id' : order_id,
    'key'  : key,
    'status' : status,
    'name' : name,
    'email' : email,

Hebrew text not encoding correctly in popups for Internet Explorer

I used the jquery plugin Cluetip to create popups for a system whereby Hebrew text is displayed.  In Firefox it displayed correctly but in IE I just got ????

Cluetip uses a query string of the type a href="filename.php?c=$var1&u=$var2" where filename.php is the html for the popup window.

At first I thought the problem was with the filename.php and tried eveything under the sun but then found that urlencode is the answer, as follows:


New Theme

Welcome to the new website theme.  The special feature of the new look is the portfolio/projects page which consists of a javascript selection system, allowing you to browse through all the projects without a page fresh or scroll required.  Overall the new theme is lighter and cleaner than the old one.  Enjoy.