Soft Launch

We were planning on having studio recordings and a whole bunch of stuff ready for a February launch, but various devilish forces conspired to prevent that from happening.  So, instead of a 'hard' launch, we are opting for a 'soft' one, involving getting things ready, when they are, well, ready. 

We've got a bunch of social media profiles set up, which can be found on the home page of our site, and during practice the other day we did a version of If It Feels Right that Bronwyn thought was good enough to share. We'll continue to perform at open mics, including three half hour performances at the Clare Inn from February 12 to 26 as well as Portland Bar and Win Win with the wonderful Ema.  Another fav spot is the Kingslander open mic.

Also, thanks to Sharlene from Focal Point Studios we have a crazy good set of media images, including the one attached to this post.

Meanwhile we've got a home recording studio all set up to use whenever we choose, with the aim of creating those sparkling production recordings that everyone needs to have.  It's certainly quite different recording the guitar and voice separately and it makes for more discipline with song construction but it does produce much cleaner recordinngs.  Rather than Bronwyn and I doing our duets separately and losing the moment, I've set up a recording room that enables us to our duets together, singing in separate booths looking at each other through a perspex window!  We look forward to sharing completed recordings when they are ready.

At some stage when we are happy with our delivery of Consequences of the Fall, we will do a full performance at a suitable venue and from there look for an audience on social media and other venues.  We are not quite ready yet, but will be soon, and it is quite exciting looking forward to all the things we can do when we ARE ready.