Musical Notes

We bring a lifetime of influences to our music, including jazz, rock, blues, R&B, new wave, easy listening, classical, soul and so on. 

Rhythm Rock

The style is best described as Rhythm Rock.  Rock music whose foundation is rhythm rather than beat.

Rhythm and Melody

The idea is to create a solid rhythm using a rhythm instrument such as a guitar, and then create a lively melody that interweaves with the rhythm in some interesting or constructive manner.  Sometimes the rhythm is created independently as a riff while the melody is also created independently, and the two joined together at a later date.  Sometimes the melody comes first and an accompaniment constructed to fit.  The ideal is an interesting melody which is whipped along mightily by a hearty rhythm.

Song is Representation of Feeling

Most songs are written to represent a particular emotion.  Songs are not topical, they deal with feelings in as general way as possible.  This enables them to be strung together to create progressions of emotion in the form of Sequences.

Genre and Emotion

Different styles of music are often characterised by different rhythms and by different emotions, for instance, jazz is usually associated with being laid back, rock with anger, blues with sadness.  A style of music can be evoked by using rhythms associated with it which then might help express certain emotions associated with that genre.


Rather than digital, we strive to remain analogue and acoustic, playing our music live rather than relying on sampling, looping or backtracks.